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Is it a risk-taker’s market? Investors are skeptical

There’s a laundry list of reasons to be cynical about the stock market this year: real estate, high-interest rates, government shutdown risks, and wars abroad.  Investor and personal …

Amazon revenue reports jumps 13%, stock climbs as a result

Much to many analysts' surprise, Amazon’s third-quarter earnings and revenue exceeded analysts' estimates by $1.7 billion. Their advertising sector raked in $12.1 billion in the third quarter …

AppleInsider reports that pre-orders of the iPhone 15 are up by 10% worldwide, year after year, with the sale of the iPhone Pro Max this year doing “exceptionally well.” The new Pro …
Meme stocks become viral through online communities such as Reddit and X. Through these social platforms; investors discuss stock viability, gather enough individuals, and mass-buy a certain amount …
The US Dollar is called the world’s “reserve currency” by the Council of Foreign Relations and has since been the standard for international trade. Countries must possess dollars …
In an interview with CNBC, Josh Young stated that the recent drop in US oil usage and supply is not worrying. When juxtaposed with global figures, Young noted that US oil demand is not far behind, …

The American Film Market: Here's What You Need To Know

1.) The Evolution of the American Film Market: A Retrospective The American Film Market is a cornerstone event in the film industry, held annually in early November. Since its inception in 1981, …

Is Citibank Recovering From Its Billion-Dollar Slip-up?

Citibank was at the center of worldwide scrutiny when it accidentally sent billions of dollars to Revlon's lenders with its bank money. Citibank filed a case to recover the funds. After a lengthy …

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Learning how to put out a fire is not only a useful skill, but also a life-saving one. By knowing the basics, individuals can protect themselves and loved ones from the devastating effects of fires. …
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Over 22% of home listings got a price cut in April, up from 17% the year before.
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BookTrib’s Bites: Jump into Spring with These Four Reads

(NewsUSA) - Leaning on Air by Cheryl Grey BostromThey last spoke as teens . . . But a surprise encounter 12 years later reunites ornithologist Celia Burke with veterinary surgeon Burnaby Hayes, …

The Untold Story of GoDaddy Founder’s Traumatic Life and Explosive Success

(NewsUSA) - If ever there was a story about a self-made man whose wealth can be measured more by the contents of his heart than by the contents of his bank account, this is it.Everybody has heard of …
Bitstamp's EUR SEPA payments will be paused on March 29 and April 1, 2024, due to Good Friday and Easter Monday.
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Hello traders. Today, gold closed the weekend trading session at 2,415 USD, up 37 USD compared to the previous day's opening price of 2,378 USD. Do you wonder why gold is increasing so …
I mentioned in the previous video that we might see a drop in the price of Ethereum as the ETH/BTC pair breaks lower due to liquidity being drawn to …
Waiting for a retracement to this demand zone. If it rejects, I'll buy and target previous high.
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Looking in to the VWAP pressure, many are above the current $72.26 price at $79.80. This could be a nice $7 move back to the place where many holders are. The RSI is still below 50 and the MACD is …
FVRR has been on a long term downtrend for sometime but that will change soon based on recent price data metrics and a strong QTR earnings call. This a perfect stock to seed if you're looking for …
EUR Dropped slightly on Friday morning, coming down to a low of about 1.08362 trying to break support structures. However the bears couldn't quite get past it. Per previous predictions based off …
? Paradisers, #YGG is indeed a coin worth monitoring closely. ? It appears that YGG has experienced a strong bounce from the key support area, potentially forming a triple bottom pattern, which …
There is some strong support with VWAP at the $26.66 level. We are currently at the $22.47 level with a positive upward movement to close the gap. MACD is crossing and the RSI is oversold at 39.94. …
Investors purchasing the latest cryptocurrency listings on the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance over the last six months would be down by over 18% in the last six months, despite a wide …
The Towers Paitilla, Panama City's newest residential development, offering unparalleled elegance and convenience in the upscale Paitilla district. PANAMA CITY, PANAMA PROVINCE, PANAMA, May …
By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes ….. In 1925, the United States Mint struck a total combined mintage of 188,909,000 Lincoln cents across all three facilities. Of this, …
Last month, @money2020 #Asia wrapped up its three day fintech show in Bangkok, Thailand. Now, we take a look at some of its highlights. The post A Look Back on Highlights From Money20/20 Asia …
It's election season in the United States and only one candidate and maybe, only one token, can win.
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Son’s death prompts B.C. parents to warn about dangers of wildfire smoke
Nine-year-old Carter Vigh died from an asthma attack last July, triggered by poor air quality caused by wildfires.
Parents of teen killed in 2021 Muskoka boat crash say other boater involved was impaired
Quinn Cammaert's parents have been grieving quietly for nearly three years since their 13-year-old daughter was killed in a boating collision on Lake Rosseau in July 2021.
‘Cautiously optimistic’: Okanagan tourism operators prepare for unofficial start to summer
Several tourism attractions open for the season this weekend and hotels are expected to begin to fill up.
WATCH: Global News Hour at 6 – May 17
Watch the online edition of Global News Hour at 6 BC.
LGBTQ groups ban Alberta premier, UCP from 2024 Pride celebrations
A group representing 14 Alberta LGBTQ groups, including Calgary Pride, has officially banned Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP from 2024 Pride events.
Edmonton police answer questions about response to U of A encampment protest
The Edmonton Police Service held a news conference Friday to answer questions about the EPS response to the May 11 encampment on the University of Alberta campus.
Crossfield woman launches ‘awesome’ effort to feed the struggling in her small town
Stacked Bistro and Bakery owner Debbie Stiles knows firsthand how hard it is when you don’t have enough money for groceries, so she's launched a community food bin in Crossfield.
UBC must be neutral on Gaza, president says, as encampment continues
The president of the University of British Columbia has told pro-Palestinian protesters that the school must remain neutral on the Gaza conflict.
NACI recommends universal immunization program against RSV for all infants
The National Advisory Committee on Immunization is recommending a universal immunization program against respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, for all infants.
Police seek help in Kelowna stranger sexual assault investigation
Police are asking the public if they were in the area during the evening of May 11 and recognize this individual to contact the Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300
Feel-good Friday: Global BC’s highlights of the week
The Vancouver Canucks are heading to Game 6 in Edmonton after clinching the win in Vancouver on Thursday night. In addition, Canada's first Hello Kitty Cafe opened in Vancouver.
U.S. issues global alert for risk of violence against LGBTQ2 people, events
The U.S. State Department said it is aware of an increased risk of foreign terrorist-inspired violence against LGBTQ2 people and events around the world.
West Kelowna’s new city hall set to welcome public in need of administrative services
West Kelowna’s new $22.8 million city hall building will open to the public in need of administrative services starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 21.
Pro-Palestinian sit-ins set up on Saskatchewan university campuses Friday
Events at USask and the University of Regina included Palestinian speakers, shared meals, art and reading groups and prayer.
Tenants don’t have to foot unpaid tax bills for foreign landlords: minister
The minister responsible for the Canada Revenue Agency is weighing in as debate swirls online about whether a tenant can be held liable for their foreign landlord's unpaid taxes.
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs shown violently assaulting Cassie Ventura in 2016 video: CNN
Video from multiple security cameras at a Los Angeles hotel allegedly show rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs hitting and kicking Cassie Ventura, then his girlfriend, in 2016.
What’s open, closed in Barrie and Simcoe County on Victoria Day 2024
As with any long weekend, several businesses and services in and around Ontario's Barrie and Simcoe County region will have altered hours for the Victoria Day weekend.
Kielburger mom’s defamation lawsuit against Canadaland to go to trial
A defamation lawsuit filed by the mother of Marc and Craig Kielburger against the Canadaland podcast and its host will head to trial.
What counts as a supernatural event? Vatican overhauls rules amid hoaxes
The Vatican on Friday radically reformed its process for evaluating alleged visions of the Virgin Mary, weeping statues and other seemingly supernatural phenomena.
Canada introduces new guidelines to tackle antimicrobial resistance
In response to the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance, Canada announced the distribution of national prescribing guidelines to optimize the use of antibiotics.
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La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades
La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades
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Generac Urges Americans to Prepare for Power Outages Early
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Moms Kick Back with Mamaritas
Moms Kick Back with Mamaritas
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Youth Apprenticeship Week Spotlights Opportunities
Youth Apprenticeship Week Spotlights Opportunities
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Adventure Awaits: Discover the Playset that Brings Exercise, Imagination, and Family Time to Your Doorstep!
Adventure Awaits: Discover the Playset that Brings Exercise, Imagination, and Family Time to Your Doorstep!
(NewsUSA) - APRIL 2024 Backyard adventures await! As spring unfolds, parents seek the perfect outdoor swing set—a beacon of fun and a fortress of safety. The challenge lies in finding a backyard …
New Expo Showcases AI Innovation
New Expo Showcases AI Innovation
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Self-Care and Mental Health Tips for Caregivers
Self-Care and Mental Health Tips for Caregivers
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Need Auto Glass Repair? Don’t Despair
Need Auto Glass Repair? Don’t Despair
(NewsUSA) - Everyone with a car needs auto glass repair at some point, but it need not be an expensive or stressful process. Cracks larger than 10 inches can reduce vision of the road in front …
Pioneering Fast and Affordable Broadband for the Underserved
Pioneering Fast and Affordable Broadband for the Underserved
(Raoul Lowery Contreras) - Joe Costello did not expect to be pioneering the next era of internet equity, but this passionate entrepreneur finds himself on the frontlines of the Digital Divide. With …